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Good morning.

We’re covering the steps to approval in the U.S. for Pfizer’s vaccine, a landmark stimulus deal for the E.U. and the Nigerian farmers caught between Boko Haram and the authorities.

How will the lawsuits affect people who use Facebook?

Lawsuits like this might take years to resolve. Anything dramatic — like a government-imposed rewinding of the WhatsApp and Instagram acquisitions — might not happen for years, if ever. Your experience with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger won’t suddenly be different tomorrow.

Why is this happening now?

Some government officials had tough words for Facebook. But they left off one important point: They are suing Facebook only after years of their failures to restrain its power and because there is now political will to do so.

Will this hold Facebook back?

It is possible that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple or even Microsoft could alter their behavior because they’re bogged down by court cases or worried about looking like bullies. Companies fearful of unwanted scrutiny could also change things we like about their products and services.

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