Worst Teen Drama Love Triangles


There are some love triangles that are simply, in a word, iconic.

But there are others that just don’t feel necessary. Maybe they don’t add much to the story, none of the couples are very likable, or there’s one obviously right choice that nobody seems to notice. Sometimes you just want to yell, “MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!”

Here are 17 teen drama love triangles that really didn’t need to happen:

Spoilers ahead!


Omar, Ander, and Malick from Elite:


Cheating on Ander already felt really out of character for Omar, but to do it while Ander was going through chemotherapy was just awful. I guess this could even be considered a love rectangle, since Malick was Omar’s sister’s boyfriend, too. Everything about this was terrible.


Eli, Clare, and Drew from Degrassi: The Next Generation:


This one felt like it was straight out of a fanfic. I didn’t totally hate the idea of Clare and Drew as a couple, but it never actually ended up going anywhere and just felt like a waste of time. Don’t even get me started on the pregnancy plot!


Marissa, Ryan, and D.J. from The O.C.:


I cut Marissa a lot of slack, but girl, was it really that hard to just be honest with Ryan? Poor D.J. didn’t deserve to be used like this, either. This was clearly just an obstacle to prevent Ryan and Marissa from getting back together right away in Season 2, and it was a drag to watch.


Zig, Maya, and Miles from Degrassi: The Next Generation:


Zig, we JUST learned this lesson with Cam!! Yeah, the love triangle was kind of entertaining, but having Zig go after another one of Maya’s boyfriends purely because he liked her first just wasn’t necessary, and it did nothing but hurt Maya.


Archie, Josie, and Veronica from Riverdale:

The CW

I get that the writers wanted to revisit Veronica and Archie’s relationship, but if Josie was going to leave the show anyway, couldn’t they have just waited? Archie and Josie were so good for each other, and having Archie spend a bunch of time with Veronica and almost kiss her while he was still dating Josie just was not it.


Peyton, Lucas, and Brooke from One Tree Hill:

The WB

Don’t get me wrong — the original love triangle was iconic (although I will never forgive them for hurting Brooke), but it did not need to happen AGAIN in seasons 3 and 4! If they wanted Lucas and Peyton to get back together that badly, they could have just had Lucas and Brooke naturally drift apart instead of repeating the drama between Brooke and Peyton again.


Justin, Jessica, and Alex from 13 Reasons Why:


Jessica was still clearly in love with Justin. Throwing her back together with Alex just to have her cheat on him with Justin was a mistake. Plus, Alex was way too possessive of Jessica, and it got tiring to watch him fight Justin over her — they were much better as friends.


Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler from The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

The Vampire Diaries‘ love triangles could be iconic, but this one never sat right with me. Mostly because Tyler and Klaus’s feud had a body count, and it seemed like Klaus and especially Tyler were more interested in ruining each other than they were interested in Caroline. I love Klaus and Caroline, but they were problematic. And honestly, I think Tyler and Caroline’s relationship went on far too long after it was interesting.


Anna, Jeremy, and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

I liked Jeremy and Anna, but Jeremy cheating on Bonnie with Anna’s ghost and not even telling her about it was pretty messed up. A love triangle involving a ghost is weird to begin with, and honestly, it just made Jeremy look really bad. It 100% did not need to happen.


Willow, Cordelia, and Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

I guess this never really became a full love triangle, but I hated how long Willow pined for Xander and how Xander definitely knew and never fully rejected her. When Willow found out that Xander was with Cordelia, it broke my heart, and then they never even fully resolved it. I wish Willow’s feelings for Xander had actually been addressed and resolved way earlier.


Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars:


God, the scene where Caleb talks to Spencer through the door as Hanna listens was the definition of “cringe.” Spencer and Caleb had no chemistry and made no sense as a couple, yet the show threw them together anyways. It was awkward and weird for everyone involved.


Emily, Alison, and Paige from Pretty Little Liars:


As much as I love Emison, Alison did not deserve Emily, and the whole Alison-having-Emily’s-babies plotline was super weird. But Paige-Emily was also problematic and honestly had just gotten old at that point. I couldn’t bring myself to care about this short-lived love triangle in Season 5 or 7.


Alex, Julian, and Brooke from One Tree Hill:

The CW

Everyone was frustrating here: Alex for continuing to try to be with Julian, Julian for having a savior complex and prioritizing Alex above Brooke, and Brooke for not being able to trust that Julian had no feelings for Alex. It went on too long and felt like an annoying roadblock to Brooke actually being happy for once.


Blair, Nate, and Chuck from Gossip Girl:

The CW

As with Lucas-Brooke-Peyton, the original love triangle worked. But there was absolutely no reason to bring it back in Season 2. Nate and Blair had no chemistry, and the whole thing felt pointless.


Dan, Serena, and Nate from Gossip Girl:

The CW

Serena 100% should’ve been with Nate. When they broke up in the Season 3 finale, it kind of seemed like they would get back together and that Dan’s pining after Serena was one-sided, but then Season 4 made a big deal out of which one Serena would choose. Dan-Serena was honestly tired and overdone at that point.


Navid, Adrianna, and Silver from 90210:

The CW

Navid and Silver were such a weird couple, and I was mad at both of them for letting it happen. But then Adrianna did some REALLY messed-up stuff, like changing out Silver’s meds, and I was mad at her, too. They all came off as bad people, and it was not fun to watch.


And finally, Brooke, Peyton, and Nathan from One Tree Hill:

The WB

Brooke and Nathan having a secret sex tape was ridiculous. It felt like a last-minute attempt to make Brooke look bad and hypocritical, and let Peyton and Lucas off the hook. It made no sense, and I will die on this hill!

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