What to Watch For at the 2020 Emmy Awards

Lights! Camera! And … let’s hope the Wi-Fi works.

The 72nd Emmy Awards on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern time won’t look anything like the earlier ceremonies celebrating the year’s achievements in television and streaming.

Red carpet? Canceled. Actors seated shoulder to shoulder in an auditorium as the envelopes are unsealed? Nope.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the unpredictable ceremony from a nearly empty Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles as more than 100 nominees watch — and broadcast themselves — from locations ranging from Berlin to Fayetteville, Ga.

Producers of the show, airing on ABC and Hulu Live, have encouraged the nominees to dress however they want — and to feel free to have their kids and family pets with them on the couch when the winners are announced.

In addition to tech challenges, the ceremony is likely to include pointed acceptance speeches. Against the backdrop of a searing presidential campaign, winners may go into issues including a national reckoning on race relations and police brutality; a pandemic that has killed close to 200,000 Americans; and a changing climate that contributed to the wildfires that ravaged the West Coast.

The ceremony usually takes three hours, but the producers were wary of pinpointing a running time.

“Who knows?” said Ian Stewart, an executive producer. “It might be way under. It might be way over. It might be on time. I think that’s unlikely.”

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