Turns Out Kyle MacLachlan Disliked His “Sex And The City” Character As Much As Fans Did

“I was angry at the character, actually.”

Let’s be honest: Sex and the City’s men weren’t great.

But Charlotte’s ex-husband Trey MacDougal was particularly an odd one.

I say this as someone who has always thought Kyle MacLachlan is one of the hottest men on Earth: I wouldn’t touch Trey with a 10-foot pole.

On paper, he seemed like Charlotte’s perfect match, but he was hardly desirable. His intense mommy issues don’t even begin to cover everything that was wrong with him.

Kyle MacLachlan knows Trey was nobody’s favorite romantic interest. In a recent interview with Page Six, he shared his thoughts on the character.

“I was angry at the character, actually,” he said.

And yes, Kyle addressed the infamous cardboard baby Trey gifted Charlotte when they were unable to conceive.

“I asked the writers and they said, ‘Oh, it’s funny,’ so I went, ‘OK, I’m not sure I think so but OK.’ There was definitely a side to Trey that was a little oblivious to certain things.”

“[Viewers] had every right to be angry with me if that’s the case. I was angry with me!”

Trey definitely sucked, but thankfully Kyle has played plenty of very lovable characters.

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If you want to see Kyle MacLachlan be extremely charming, watch Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, or Portlandia.

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