This “Glee” TikTok Trend Recreating The “Telephone” Scene Is Hilarious


If you were a “Gleek” back in the early 2010s, you know that Glee had its fair share of interesting and sometimes straight-up bizarre musical numbers.

And one that happens to especially stick out in my mind is the cover of Lady’s Gaga’s “Telephone” by Rachel Berry and Sunshine Corazon. Can’t remember that one? Don’t worry, I’ve put it here to jog your memory:

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And apparently, the people of TikTok haven’t forgotten either. They’ve started re-creating the scene, and I can’t stop laughing. See for yourself:

Practically a shot-for-shot remake!!!

This one really captures the essence of their showdown:

This TikToker even got their dad involved!

And this one matches Sunshine’s facial expressions to a tee:

To quote this TikTok commenter:

I’m in shock, I’m in awe, I’m LOLing! Well done, ya’ll. Sunshine would be proud, and Rachel would be mad you outshined her, but who cares?

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