The Office Matrix Cold Open On Peacock

Which year are we in again?

Although The Office ended almost eight years ago, in this, the year 2021, we are still being treated to new footage.

To celebrate the show moving to Peacock, a never-before-seen cold open was just released — where Dwight is pranked into thinking he’s in The Matrix.

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1,000% tracks that Dwight is into The Matrix.

TBH, the entire clip feels like a jump back in time to 2013 — aka the year of Season 9.

As to who’s behind the prank…

NBCU / Via

I would straight up lose my mind if someone tried this.

…It is, of course, Jim and Pam.

NBCU / Via

Right about here is when the nostalgia hit me full throttle.

There’s even Hank, the security guard, as Morpheus’ brother…Dorpheus.

And a super cute moment with the red and blue pills.

NBCU / Via

Ah, back when red pills only made me think of The Matrix.

You can watch the full clip here.

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