The Dress Code at Goop May Not Surprise You


SANTA MONICA, Calif. — “I’m buying that shirt,” the publicist said to her boss. It was an everyday office compliment, except the boss in question was Gwyneth Paltrow (“G.P.,” as she’s known at the office), the founder and lifestyle guru behind Goop, which sells crystals, cashmere and much more.

“What tends to happen is I’ll be wearing something and they’ll say, ‘I almost bought that,’” Ms. Paltrow said. “And then they’ll buy it.” Indeed, a recent visit to Goop’s new 57,000-square-foot offices in Santa Monica, Calif., revealed that many of its 250 employees were not just living and breathing Goop, but wearing it, too.

Age: 46

Occupation: founder and chief executive of Goop (and “sometime actress”)

How many Goop products are on you, or in you, right now?

How are you doing today?

Today shouldn’t be too bad because I did cardio this morning. I’m already at 7,800 steps.


My goal is 10,000 per day, so I’m good. Yesterday I only did 3,500.

Age: 27

Occupation: editorial assistant

I hope you won’t find it terribly insulting if I call your jacket “oversized.”

It’s definitely oversized. I think it’s a laid-back-but-official feeling. This is G. Label.

What is the punishment if you don’t wear G. Label to the office?

Age: 45

Occupation: editor in chief of Goop

You have a very heavy wrist game.

It’s like a garbage dump.

It’s not! It looks really good.

My husband gave me a Rolex Submariner on my 40th. It can’t stand alone, so I have a viking bracelet. The beads are a volcanic stone. Then hair ties because my daughter is always running out of them.

Age: 39

Occupation: chief financial officer

The Off-White sweatshirt! The tennies!

I’m the street Goop.

What do you like about Virgil Abloh’s designs?

It’s one of the few sweatshirts I can pair with this skirt and have it be an appropriate outfit for work.

How does your look compare to your colleagues?

I think we all have our individual spin on the Goop look. Very California chic. Understated.

Has “G.P.” ever commented on your sweatshirt?


Age: 33

Occupation: accounting manager

You have very fitted jeans.

I don’t like baggy jeans at all. This is an everyday thing.

Isn’t it hot in the L.A. sun?

I wear shorts in the summer. They are typically tight, too.

Is your polo terry cloth?

It’s teal, and I picked it because of the color choice. And it breathes. It’s Zara.

Are you a glasses collector?

No, I only have two pairs. I only wear them when I get tired of wearing my contacts.

Does where you work influence how you dress?

It does. I don’t want to come in looking like a slob.

Age: “old enough”

Occupation: stylist at Goop Lab

Goop Lab sounds like the kind of place where Dr Pepper might work.

Age: 32

Occupation: retail operations assistant

Is it intimidating to get dressed for Goop?

I dress for comfort and for fun.


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