The Cat In “Soul” Is Fine, Here’s What Happened

If you experienced the joy that is watching Soul recently, then I don’t have to tell you how great the movie is.

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Side note: Spoilers ahead!

Pixar’s latest animated feature follows the adventerous journey of buddies Joe Gardner and 22 through life and death, but there was one little star that had fans extra concerned…

For a quick refresher, when Joe manages to get back down to Earth, he accidentally ends up in the body of Mr. Mittens, a therapy cat. However, this in turn bumps Mr. Mittens’ soul out of its own body and on an unexpected journey to the great beyond.

And, suffice to say, fans were like, “Oh no!”

Believe it or not, it wasn’t just viewers who were worried about Mr. Mittens’ soul. The film’s director, Pete Docter, revealed that the filmmakers themselves were invested in the feline’s story, too:

One of our most persistent notes while making the film: “but what about the cat’s soul?” #PixarSoul

Now, the cat does get returned to its own body, although the film does not explain how.

And that left me (and I assume everyone else) like, “YAY, BUT HOW?!”

Well, Soul writer and co-director Kemp Powers put the question to rest with a simple answer in a tweet: The cat had 9 lives!

The cat had 9 lives, to answer your question about how he got back. We actually boarded an entire sequence that showed how Mr. Mittens got back to his body. We were considering playing it over the end credits, but it was a bit too silly tonally. #PixarSoul

Powers also explained that there was an entire sequence that they had thought about animating for the end credits, but that it was “a bit too silly tonally.”

IDK, maybe if we’re lucky someday we can see that as an animated Pixar short. I for one would love to see it! How about you?!

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