The Best Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix, Apple TV Plus and More in December


Ronny Chieng: Asian Comic Destroys America!

Starts streaming: December 17

The standup comic Ronny Chieng has a lot on his mind, including politics, civil liberties, immigration, consumerism, subway etiquette and wedding planning. But Chieng is at his most incisive when he’s blowing up stereotypes: Why do Asian-American immigrants want their first-generation children to become doctors, but then neglect to see doctors themselves? What if Asian-Americans became the impartial referees of all disputes among other races? (“No hatred, just solutions.”) And what would it be like if an Asian-American were voted into the White House? This leads to a very funny rant, but Chieng doesn’t really seem to be joking.

The Two Popes

Starts streaming: December 20

Who knows what Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, then Pope Benedict XVI (Anthony Hopkins), and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce), might have said to each other in private meetings six years ago? In this film, the writer Anthony McCarten and the director Fernando Meirelles imagine that the these two very different churchmen — one a conservative traditionalist, the other considered a more liberal reformer — had a momentous dialogue that led to the resignation of one man and the ascension of the other. Discussed are issues of sexual abuse and financial malfeasance, and nothing less than the future of the Roman Catholic Church appears to at stake. Even though the movie is pure speculation, the discussion is riveting, and the master actors Hopkins and Pryce create the illusion of actually having it.

You,’ Season 2

Starts streaming: December 26

Rom-coms have long celebrated stalking — think Lloyd Dobler and his boombox in “Say Anything.” The dark conceit of the psychosexual thriller “You” is that the obsessive protagonist, Joe Goldberg, sees himself as a romantic hero, despite being a serial killer. Following his Season 1 murder spree, Joe now needs a change of scenery. So for Season 2 he relocates to Los Angeles — a town he hates, providing much fodder for his biting voice-over. The plot this time is largely derived from Caroline Kepnes’ novel “Hidden Bodies,” the sequel to her “You.” An unfortunately named woman, Love (played by Victoria Pedretti from “The Haunting of Hill House”), comes into Joe’s orbit as the bodies start dropping again. Could it be that Joe has finally met his soul mate? Or has he just met his match?

Also arriving:

December 1

The “Austin Powers” series, “Malcolm X” and “Searching for Sugar Man.”

December 3

“Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah”

December 6

“Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show,” Season 1

December 10

“Michelle Wolf: Joke Show” and “Outlander,” Season 3.

December 16

“The Danish Girl” and “The Magicians,” Season 4.

December 19

“After The Raid”

December 20

“The Witcher,” Season 1


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