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“He was the bravest boy I knew.”

The year was 2008 and the greatest teen drama of all time, Skins, was on the air.

the pure serotonin this 30 second clip gives me means more to me than anything in my entire life

Before Euphoria, there was Skins: the story of a group of friends in the UK navigating their way through the ups and downs of adolescence.

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Skins was NOT a show for the faint of heart. It got dark — really dark.

You might want to grab some tissues, because today I’m here to talk about one of the darkest Skins moments ever: Chris’s death in Series 2.

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Chris Miles who just wanted to have a laugh and enjoy life. A lovable screwup, he’s easily the most relatable character on the show.

But Chris actually has a pretty sad backstory. His older brother died and both of his parents abandoned him. He also gets kicked out of school, leaving him feeling completely useless.

Things begin to look up for Chris when he starts dating his longtime friend Jal, who encourages him to take life a little more seriously and apply himself.

But then Chris ends up in the hospital with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. It’s revealed that he suffers from the same hereditary condition his brother died from.

Chris gets out of the hospital though, and he seems like he’s going to be okay.

But just moments later, all hope comes crashing down when Chris suffers a second hemorrhage.

Cassie tries to call for help, but it’s too late. Chris is gone.

All of Chris’s friends are devastated, especially Jal, who was pregnant at the time. EVERYTHING IS SAD AND I HATE IT.


Jal ends up deciding to have an abortion.

Chris’s estranged father returns to have a traditional, religious funeral service for him. However, Chris’s friends believe that’s not what he would want, so they decide to, er, have their own funeral.


When I said this show got dark, this is what I meant.

Their initial plan gets foiled, but the friends still manage to honor Chris in their own way.

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOSE IT when Jal calls Chris “the bravest boy” she knew.

Chris’s death always hits me really hard every time I rewatch the show. I think maybe it’s because it’s so sudden and jarring and not fair. It feels raw and real in a way a lot of TV deaths don’t.

It’s been almost 13 years and I’m still not over it. Apparently, I’m not the only one:

@cristinasoh Idk why but chris’s death from skins ruined me and il never recover from that. Ever

if u cried more over freddie’s death in skins than chris’ then idk what to say to u really

So here’s to Chris, the bravest boy we ever knew.

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