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If you’ve ever stubbed your toe while stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the value of a good night light is obvious — even if you’re no longer a child.

“The purpose is to bring comfort in the dark, which could be for a few reasons as you get older,” said Brigette Romanek, the founder of Romanek Design Studio in Los Angeles. “Maybe you still feel that fear of the dark, or you’re not seeing as well as you used to.”

Or maybe you just want to find the toilet.

With the advent of LEDs, night lights have gotten a lot more interesting, Ms. Romanek noted. There are portable lanterns and dimmable lamps. Some can be integrated into the floor or the wall, and others project light on the ceiling.

“I’ve slipped into my daughter’s room because she has one that replicates the night sky,” Ms. Romanek said. “It’s just so soothing.”

Plug-in light with ceramic diffuser

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