Shopping for Compact Dining Tables


A dining table doesn’t necessarily need to accommodate a dozen people. Especially in a small apartment, a table with more conservative dimensions is often a smarter choice — or simply the only thing that will fit.

“In smaller-scale apartments, the size of the table is dictated by the size of the apartment,” said Alexander M. Reid, an interior designer in New York. Often, there is no dedicated dining room, he added, so it’s a matter of finding a table you can put in the kitchen, the foyer or one end of the living room.

For tight spaces, Mr. Reid looks for a table that’s no more than 48 inches in diameter. And if your space is extremely limited, the table could be as small as 28 inches wide. “You can still seat two people at it,” he said. “But anything smaller than 28 inches is a side table.”

In his own apartment, Mr. Reid has a compact oval table.

“You can go from fitting four people comfortably to even eight, if you squish ’em,” he said. “That’s not appropriate right now, with Covid, but I’ve done it before.”

Mahogany pedestal table from Noir

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