Love Letter: Falling in Love While Playing Games


Gone are the days when cultivating a romantic relationship with someone you met online was considered taboo. However, for gaming enthusiasts who find love while battling exotic creatures in a parallel universe, explaining how you met might raise eyebrows.

When Erik DeLapp, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, first met his wife they both had cat ears and furry tails. Although they met as avatars in the Final Fantasy XIV game, their connection quickly grew beyond the digital landscape that brought them together. Both discovered that in-game dating had its perks. Top of the list was not having to worry about how you look.

If you’re planning on attending a wedding later this year, you may be required to show proof of vaccination. Many couples, in lieu of postponing their 2021 nuptials, are asking guests to get a Covid-19 vaccine to help minimize the spread and help high-risk attendees feel safer.


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