How to Throw a Big Party in a Small Apartment


Don’t neglect your bathroom, either. Put your toothbrush and other grooming supplies in the medicine cabinet. Replace hand and bath towels with a basket of disposable ones. Place a fresh bar of soap on the sink and light a candle. Voilà! The bathroom is ready for a party.

Make a song playlist — not a prepackaged one like “Holiday Hits,” but one you create yourself, and play it through a wireless speaker, keeping your phone handy so you can mix up the mood throughout the night.

Apartments are hot enough, so don’t make yours any hotter by turning on the oven. (It’s full of pots and pans and maybe some tchotchkes now anyway, so there’s no room.) Instead, stick with room-temperature offerings, like platters of prepared meats, cheeses, olives, fruit and crackers.

“Charcuterie, charcuterie, charcuterie,” Ms. Kertzner said. “You can feed people on that all night long.”

Spread the platters around the room so guests don’t end up clustering in one corner to get food or cross a crowded space unnecessarily. “It helps with the traffic flow,” Ms. Nicholas said.

As a late-night snack, Ms. Kertzner often calls in an order of McDonald’s to give the committed partygoers a jolt of fat, protein and carbs. “When midnight rolls around and you see a greasy burger show up, you’re so excited,” she said. “It’s a very satisfying thing.”

As for drinks, rather than stock the counters with a full bar, decide on a signature cocktail for the night — Moscow mules? Mistletoe margarita? Stock beer and wine for those who prefer a lighter beverage, but suggest guests bring a bottle of their preferred drink, too, to ensure that people have their beverage of choice.


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