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About this tracker

The data above compiles all Great Britain-wide polls by reputable pollsters, and performs a simple rolling 14-day average. There is no weighting by poll methodology, or recency, or pollster. UK-wide polls are excluded to preserve comparability. Since 13 July, Survation has conducted UK-only polls and those polls are not included in the tracker.

The SNP, UKIP and Plaid Cymru are included in “others”, even where an individual pollster breaks them out. Again, this is to preserve comparability among different polling organisations.

We will update the tracker with every available poll until election day. Note that, even if the polls prove perfectly accurate, because of the UK’s first-past-the-post electoral system there may be a significant discrepancy between the national share of vote received by the parties and the number of seats allotted to them in the House of Commons.

Remember, too, that on the day before the general election in 2017 most pollsters were predicting a Conservative majority, in some cases of as many as 82 seats. In the event, the Tories failed to achieve a majority. Changes in vote share shown above are compared with the 2017 election result.


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