Disney Blonde Character Trivia Quiz

I hope this quiz isn’t a little hairy for you.

  1. Prince Phillip kisses Aurora to break Maleficent’s curse in Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Tinkerbell can fly using pixie dust.

  3. Kristoff has a reindeer in Frozen and Frozen II.

  4. Among others, Alice talks to the White Rabbit, the March Hare, and the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

  5. John Smith isn’t the main villain. Governor Ratcliffe is!

  6. Frozen first came out in 2013 and Frozen II came out in 2019.

  7. Where would Rapunzel be without her trusty frying pan?

  8. Cinderella has a nightgown, an outfit for when she does chores, one she makes, one her fairy godmother makes, and (spoiler) a wedding dress.

  9. Barbie is seen in the Toy Story movies!

  10. Sgt. Calhoun and Fix-It Felix get married at the end of Wreck-It Ralph.

  11. Charlotte is in The Princess and the Frog!

  12. Arthur was in The Sword in the Stone and Chernabog was in Fantasia.

  13. Annie Potts was the voice of Bo Peep, and isn’t the voice of a Disney princess as well!

  14. There was a talking robot in Meet the Robinsons and its name was Carl.

  15. Honey Lemon gets around on roller skates in Big Hero 6.

  16. That’s Helga Sinclair from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. There is a “Helga” in Marvel comics, but she hasn’t been featured in a Marvel movie.

  17. Gazelle from Zootopia has a small tail!

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