Best And Worst TV Haircuts

Two words: Buffy’s bangs. 🙁


CHANGE IT BACK: Felicity’s pixie cut on Felicity

Richard Cartwright / The WB / Courtesy Everett Collection

Ah, the haircut that literally killed a TV show. Look, pixie cuts can be really cute. But this ain’t it.


OH LA LA: Aria’s bob on Pretty Little Liars


A chopped off Aria’s hair as a “punishment” and it ended up looking SO GOOD. A literally did her a favor.


CHANGE IT BACK: Buffy’s bangs on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

I literally couldn’t concentrate on the show, these were so bad. Sarah Michelle Gellar, explain yourself


OH LA LA: Rachel’s bangs on Glee


I can barely remember Rachel BEFORE she had the bangs. They look so good on her — I feel like she finally found the perfect haircut to suit her.


CHANGE IT BACK: Jane’s bangs on Big Little Lies


No shade to Jane/Shailene Woodley — I cannot think of a single person who could pull off these bangs. They go too far (we need some face-framing pieces!) and are far too choppy and thick, plus they’re a weird length. Just no.


OH LA LA: Laurel’s pixie cut on Arrow

Colin Bentley / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

And here we see an example of a pixie cut that works. Take notes, Felicity! Laurel looks so badass.


CHANGE IT BACK: Quinn’s short reddish hair on Glee

Mike Yarish / Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

This isn’t just the cut, which is bad enough (it’s too choppy, but once it goes back to blonde and is styled correctly, I like short hair on Quinn!), but mostly the color. It looks like she dyed it with Kool-Aid or something. It’s not super even and the color does not suit her skin tone.


OH LA LA: Brooke’s bob on One Tree Hill

Fred Norris / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

I adore Brooke with short hair. It’s so flattering and chic on her!


CHANGE IT BACK: Monica’s short spiky haircut on Friends


I know the point of this was that it was bad, but still. Monica’s hair didn’t recover for SEASONS.


OH LA LA: Allison’s haircut on Teen Wolf


Allison’s long hair was gorgeous, but it was really refreshing and cute when she cut it into this long bob with highlights. I loved the way she styled it, and it was even cuter when it was darker in Season 3B.


CHANGE IT BACK: Damon’s mullet on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

I HATED THIS HAIRCUT SO MUCH. Guys are NOT immune from bad haircuts. He had these annoying bangs and then long hair in the back that always curled up. I truly didn’t think anything could make Damon unattractive until this haircut.


OH LA LA: Haley’s bob on Modern Family


Like with Allison, I loved Haley’s long hair, but her short hair was SO CUTE!! The highlights were perfectly placed and she looked older in a good way.


CHANGE IT BACK: Lucas’s long hair on One Tree Hill

The CW

I was so excited for Lucas to return in Season 9 of One Tree Hill. And then…I saw his hair. Just why? Why was it so long? Why was it weirdly cut? Why was it gelled like that?! So bad.


OH LA LA: Sabrina’s short bleached cut on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection, Dean Buscher / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Sabrina was cute with the slightly longer blonde hair, but this short bleached cut really emphasized her coming into her power. It was such a statement, and it just worked!


CHANGE IT BACK: Haley’s hair on One Tree Hill

The CW

Haley had so many different hairstyles, and honestly, I loved them all EXCEPT this one. I did not like red hair on her skin tone, and thin straight-across bangs were just not right for her at all.


OH LA LA: Scott’s hair evolution on Teen Wolf


Scott’s hair kept getting shorter and more coiffed, and it really worked. He went from classic teenage boy hair to sexy “I know who I am” hair. We love to see it.


CHANGE IT BACK: Alyssa’s blonde hair and bangs on The End of the F***ing World


She says “James is a good hairdresser,” but I’m not so sure. It’s impressive he pulled off this color, and it’s a good disguise, but it doesn’t work on Alyssa. But really, it’s mostly the bangs I don’t like.


OH LA LA: Stiles’ long hair on Teen Wolf


Sorry for all the Teen Wolf, but the characters just had such good hair evolutions! This isn’t a haircut, but it’s a significant change and Dylan O’Brien became just that much hotter. Thank you, MTV.


CHANGE IT BACK: Elena’s red streaks and side bangs on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Those side bangs are SO middle school. I can’t believe she had this haircut in college.


OH LA LA: Leslie’s hair evolution on Parks and Recreation


Name a better hair evolution. I’ll wait. Her hair became so much more dimensional AND it was cut and styled better. She really came into her own.


CHANGE IT BACK: Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender


I know this was supposed to be bad, but I feel like I’d be remiss not to mention Azula’s iconic DIY haircut on this list. Her hair truly met its match.


OH LA LA: April on Parks and Recreation


I liked April’s hair before, but her hair after, though!!!!! A short cut and that parting was just *chef’s kiss*. I love it.


And finally, CHANGE IT BACK: Hanna’s bob on Pretty Little Liars


Hanna looks amazing with short hair, as evidenced in Season 6. But this haircut was just…not it.

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