Beaumont, Calif.: Growing Fast, but Still a Bedroom Community


And the pace of development has been dizzying. Dozens of gated communities and master- planned neighborhoods have changed the face of the city; a handful of new shopping centers, with tenants like Walmart, Panera Bread and Wells Fargo, have followed. A 12-screen movie theater and an In-N-Out Burger, the beloved California-based fast-food chain with a semi-secret menu, are slated to open there in early 2020.

Rosy Kamacho, 54, and her husband, Luis Kamacho, 55, have lived in Beaumont for more than a decade. The couple, who are from Peru, bought their first home in the city in 2008, spending $240,000 for a three-bedroom, four-bathroom, single-family house in Fairway Canyon, a master-planned community of stucco homes in several neighborhoods, with access to parks, a golf course and a 10,000-square-foot recreation center. In 2012, they took advantage of the dip in housing prices to move into a newer, larger home in the same community, paying $210,000 for a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house now worth at least $440,000.

“We like it in Beaumont,” said Ms. Kamacho, who runs her own geriatric-care business. “It’s very quiet — we don’t like noisy cities.”

Mr. Kamacho, a business analyst who works in Riverside, Calif., drives around 45 minutes each way to work, she added, and “when he gets home, he doesn’t want to hear cars honking.”

The couple have two sons: one who is 21 and lives at home while attending community college and another who is 14 and attends Beaumont High School, where he is on the swim team. “We chose to live in Beaumont because it’s a safe city, and our kids have always been able to play outside without me worrying,” she said. “Right now, it’s growing, but when we started living here, it was still a small town.”


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