24 Memes About How Hot The Weeping Monk In “Cursed” Is

Meet your new emo boyfriend.

One of the main villains in Cursed is the Weeping Monk, a mysterious hooded figure played by Daniel Sharman who spends his time slaying characters on the show with his magical powers.

In the grand tradition of Kylo Ren and the Darkling, because he’s a damaged sad boy with emo makeup and hair long enough to put into a man bun, everyone is really, really thirsty for him…


so i’m watching cursed and like… is the weeping monk supposed to be that hot orrrrrrrr


will i be watching the new netflix show cursed only bc daniel sharman is playing a villain looking like this? why yes i will #cursednetflix


Call me old-fashioned but I was raised to serve my man, cook for him, take care of him and do anything he asks of me


Weeping Monk is the best character of the show but no one is ready for this conversation #CursedNetflix

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